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“…each grows stronger when nourished by the other.”

This is a draft

Published onAug 27, 2020
“…each grows stronger when nourished by the other.”

I am thinking about how could collaborate with the students from MIT and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf together, based on our common interests.

By asking Google, some amazing and interesting projects, which students have been involved, appear. It might be the first step to know each other with curiosity and eager to exchange ideas with a diverse group of creative minds.

What might be the connection points between us in this project? My assumption based on Google Search:

1) On machine drawing, Space/Raum

2) Artist/painting with AI/new technology

3) Science-Art-Technology/Chatbot as a tool

4) Light as an artistic medium, projection and reflection

The following picture ⇊ is a rough and initial idea about finding a common ground, learn from each other. As the topic of our project says, “…each grows stronger when nourished by the other.” It is exciting to explore more about our shared interests and build on it across disciplines, time and space.

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