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Mack, Sahara, 1958-1968

Workbook ZERO

Published onJul 20, 2020
Mack, Sahara, 1958-1968

If perception is a creative act, experience is the art.

To see, feel and understand the landscape as a work of art: Heinz Mack and the Sahara Project, first drafts in 1958, realized in 1968.

Heinz Mack, Lichtstele in der Sahara, 1968, Foto: Edwin Braun, VL Mack, ZERO foundation, Düsseldorf.

ZERO directs our attention to the fullness of what cannot be contained in words.

Wen Bi:

The light reflection is often to see in Heinz Mack’s art work. It makes me to think about “Rotor für Lichtgitter (1967)”